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Sue Prince
Beechenhill Farm, Ilam,
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
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107 x 71cm egg tempera on real gesso on cotton canvas 2014. A record of the Occupy London's non-violent protest and demonstration against economic inequality that took place in London, United Kingdom, from 15 October 2011 till 14 June 2012. I visited and sketched and photographed and was impressed that we are free to do this in England without getting shot!...More >>

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Sue Prince - Narrative Folk Artist and Map Maker

Telling Stories of people and their places

Contemporary British folk artist creating narrative paintings in Swedish style egg tempera- it's like folk music only paint! On an organic farm in the Peak District National Park UK.
We perch on our planet, precariously tilting on the curve of the earth.  We dig our roots into the soil, our foundations into the rock.  For generations we live in our landscapes, building, farming and creating our places.  I am fascinated by our presence in the landscape. 

Sue Prince Artist Next Event:

7th January to 22nd March 2015 Peak District Artisans at Chatsworth


Moscow! Art in the Park 2014

A solo exhibition of prints in Art-Naive-Park near the Museum of Naive Art, Moscow in December 2014. This park is a wonderful space, free to enter, where there are often print exhibitions of Russian and foreign artists. This is also an opportunity to announce the solo exhibition in the gallery in December 2015!
It has been so lovely to see customers and visitors at the various events I have attended- thank you for your friendly faces!

Modern Myths and Legends
I want to tell stories in the way they have always been told, particularly now in our digital age.  Who celebrates our modern stories so we ordinary people can feel part of them, and take part in them?
Swedish Style Egg Tempera painting
Recording daily lives and paying respect to how people live in their places, whether rural or urban is what fascinates me. I use egg tempera paints, in a Swedish Folk Art tradition of Bonad painting.  Doing this with ancient and organic materials; egg yolk and earth pigments gives my work integrity but is also a process that I am obsessed with.
Reviving the old Swedish skill of Bonad Painting
One bonad,  several 'bonader': decorative wall hangings in Swedish.  I produce Swedish style folk art with homemade egg tempera on linens or canvas.  This style of painting died out in the 1800s and I am instrumental in its revival in Sweden, where I teach classes every summer.
Grinding Pigments and Gesso
I can't begin to tell you the gorgeous feel of the silky egg tempera paint as it glides on to the gesso surface (I can show you if you come on a course, though).  It is a beautiful sensation to grind the pigments- each one has a different consistency and character, Titanium white is creamy and robust, yellow ochre is a little grittier and raw and burnt umber are smooth like chocolate sauce.  It just feels like a huge privilege to have discovered this technique and be allowed to practice!
Birds-eye-view Maps
Hand drawn maps and the stories that appear in them delight me- it's like an innocent snap shot in time.  I am lucky enough to have the ability to create accurate, although not really to scale, bird's eye view maps.  I have mapped towns, villages, locations and even businesses like quarries or factories.
Organic Art from an Organic Farm in a National Park
I am a rural artist, working at Beechenhill Farm, my family's organic dairy farm, in the beautiful Peak District National Park in the centre of rural England. I belong to Peak District Artisans who celebrate individual creativity and collective excellence.
My Values
I believe in:
  • Integrity - using skill and pure materials, true to the tradition
  • Honesty - listening hard and telling the stories I'm told
  • Respect - acknowledging the sources of my inspiration and knowledge
  • Quality - the best materials, linens and frames
  • Service - the best possible customer experience
  • Sustainability - reducing my impact on the environment

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