Sue Prince - Narrative Folk Artist and Map Maker
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Sustainability is very important to me in the way I live and work. My paintings show how I see the world and the affect humans have on the world.
My methods of painting are simple - earth pigments mixed with egg yolk (mostly from our own organic chickens) on linen.  I do use some acrylic gesso but am researching other traditional materials to replace this.  I use newspaper, recycled kitchen roll, some cotton wool.  The bad thing I do is use disposable plastic plates as palettes- I do use them many times, but eventually they go for recycling.  I am looking for some better solution...
Local Businesses 
I work with local businesses;
  • Paul Williamson in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, who frames and stretches my canvases. 
  • Chris Farrow, of Original Giclee from Kingsley, Staffordshire, who photographs my work and produces my prints and cards.
I produce very little waste, what there is, is recycleable.  I re-grind dried up pigment if its clean enough.
Local Community
I started the Ilam Art Club and ran it for about 10 years, now I am a strong supporter and little helper.  The Art Club uses the Haybarn at Beechenhill when they need to.

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Customer Services    Tel: +44 (0)1335 310467     Email:     Shop